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What It Takes To End Violence In The World ...

We are constantly being asked by leaders from around the world how to tackle the violence problem in the world.

And violence is not only cutting throats and punching others in the face or calling them awful names.

No. Violence is soooooooooo much more. Violence is essentially everything that denies the underlying motivation for our actions.


In the compassionate language session that we offer around the world, we help our fellow human beings to get into a compassionate language from the heart which allows us to take full responsibility for our needs.

Every action starts with an unmet need.

We than have the choice to either take responsibility for our needs or we blame others for our unmet needs and manipulate ourselves into the belief that what others do is right/wrong and that they deserve punishment or reward [punishment and reward based thinking contribute equally to violence in the world].


So all it takes to end violence in the world forever is ......

1 Generation Brought Up With Compassionate Language From The Heart

It only takes one person to start. That could be you. Start Today

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