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ALL OF THE COMMUNICATION CLASSES START WITH A FIRST HOMEWORK - READ THE BOOK YOU CAN PLAN AHEAD AND READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOUR FIRST SESSION GET IT HERE : +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 80% of Readers are fully satisfied, with all needs met and settled for life with compassionate language from the heart after completion of their homework +++++++ 20% continue with our 1 + 3 Success Model 1 + 3 is 1 Homework 3 Sessions


In the compassion session you get professional compassionate support. Along your session you have the full attention of your fellow human being. There is nothing true compassion from the heart can not handle. Everything that happens in the session stays in the session and is never disclosed to anyone. At the end of the session you receive instructions from your fellow human being on how to prepare yourself for session II and III.


At the end of session I you are instructed to write 3 letters :

Letter 1) You expose your unmet needs and blame everyone else but you. You can be as violent as you consider appropriate.

Letter 2) You expose your unmet needs and experience yourself as the victim of all the injustice you can think of. You can be as much victim as you require.

Letter 3) You go all in for your unmet needs and express your unmet needs. You connect with you needs and you realize how much you care about your needs.

SESSION II IS NOW MEANT TO GIVE YOU THE EMPATHY YOU ASK FOR. Your fellow human being will be fully with you when you read the three letters in the Empathy Session.

You experience the healing and empowering force of empathy.

The Third Session : Communication Class

In the last of the three session your fellow human being takes the role of the character you designate to them and exercises with you the connection with another person´s needs.

In the process of connecting with other people´s needs you discover the common humanity in your fellow human being and you experience first hand that there is an entire world beyond the limits of your conventional wisdom. It is a world where roses bloom.

Welcome to Compassionate Language from the Heart with Bi Hu and Team.

99,99% of participants are fully satisfied, with all needs met and settled for life with compassionate language from the heart after our 1 + 3 Success Model.

0,01% of participants stay in the life-serving education process and opt for additional Role Play Sessions with Bi Hu and Team.

Every Role Play Session is different and the participant can choose any situation and character to deal with.

It is in the Role Play Sessions where new Life-Serving Experts are born. Those 0,01% of participants who take it to the Role Play Sessions are the ones who will eventually speak bihuofficial´s language and use bihuofficial´s tools for the benefit of others. They are the ones who join the Heart2Heart Chat and serve their fellow human beings with compassionate language from the heart in the 24/7 Online Chat.

The Role Play helps us to connect empathically with those who are close to us (which is often one of the most difficult situations to deal with) or with those who seem to have more power than we have or eventually everyone you want to connect with.

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