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After years I eventually offer Radical Forgiveness again to a broader audience ❤❤ Radical Forgiveness by the famous Collin Tipping 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

To schedule ypur Session book an appointmemt on Instagram or via Heart2Heart Chat Organization Store

What is Radical Forgiveness?

Radical Forgiveness is a way of thinking and living to heal your life.

Colin Tipping defines it as “nothing less than a spiritual path” founded on the following principle—that everything that happens to us, happens for us—in the sense that there’s a reason for everything.

For centuries, our cultures have taught us to view our experiences through the eyes of a victim: to judge, lay blame, accuse, and seek revenge. But this only anchors the pain and perpetuates our suffering. The concept of ‘traditional’ forgiveness rests on this victim archetype.

‘Radical Forgiveness’ is different from traditional forgiveness in that it enables us to make the energetic shift from anger and blame to forgiveness and responsibility. That’s because it is a powerful tool, based on positive psychology.

Positive psychology equips us with skills to build resilience, helping us bounce back from adversity through emotional healing. It promotes empathy and full satisfaction.

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